We created Intellectm Marketing Suite because we felt the current systems impose too much baggage on small to mid sized businesses who just want to focus on their business.

Intellectm Marketing Suite has one job and that is to help small to mid sized businesses become more productive and do more business for less effort and time

Online Business & Websites
As an online business, internet offers you a great opportunity to build captive audience who can buy and spread word about your product or service but it is as easy to get lost in a sea of websites and services. By using Intellectm, you can lock in your audience and send them targeted communication that is of high value to them and get them to engage with your business often.

Investor Relationship Management
In the era of instant messaging and social media, news spread fast, and bad news spreads even faster. Short sellers and competitors will do everything possible to make your investors lose confidence.
But you can still win if you one up and keep your investors even closer. Talk to us about how we can help you beat the bears and turn your investors into evangelists

PR and Corporate communication
We can help you and your PR agency get your company updates to reach media lists everytime. Target hundreds or thousands of journalists and publishing sources with a click and get reports on who read what and know what works and what not. 

News and media
Get more views and TRPs with custom listed based on segments of audience. Increase your readership and get your content to go viral.

Education institutes
Get highly relevant interest based information delivered to your students on time cost effectively. 

Associations and forums
What’s a private member groups without access to timely member-only information? We help associations, clubs, alumni groups and other special interest groups get timely information send to their member base with high accuracy.

Events and event managers
Give your attendees the information they need. Let them RSVP on Intellectm, Sell tickets with Stripe.

Company Recruitment
Every click to your career page is invaluable. They could be your future employee or someone who will refer your next rockstar. Get visitors to your career page to sign up for employment news and send interest based information. Target people already interested in your company.

Newsletters Send newsletters.

The only list-building strategy you need .
Start Building Beautiful Design That Converts Visitors Into Customers
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